Workshops provide an opportunity to dive a little deeper into your practice. Open to all levels they enable us to take a little more time with ourselves and this beautiful practice. 

beginners' yoga workshop


saturday 14 january| 15.00 - 18.00 | Yoga On The Lane, E8 2EB


This workshop is perfect for both complete beginners and those very new to the mat. We will gently explore the foundations yoga and discover that you don't need to be bendy to have a beautiful practice.


This session will introduce you to how to practice with mindful awareness; breathing techniques; the foundations for safe alignment for healthy, happy joints; modifications that enables us to celebrate our bodie's differences; as well as nourishing ourselves with a lovely relaxation. 


Places are £30.

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embracing quiet - a yin & restorative yoga workshop


saturday 25 february | 14.00 - 17.00 | The Life Centre, Islington, N1 8QH


Eastern traditions recognise that true wellbeing comes from balancing the opposing energies of yin (calm and cooling) and yang (energetic and fiery). Modern, city culture which often promotes striving and acheiving over resting and reflecting can make this balance hard to achieve. 


This workshop will seek to redress the balance. In the initial yin practice (a largely floor-based practice - not a downward dog in sight!) poses are held for 3 minutes or longer allowing muscles and connective tissues to gradually release. We will then drop into deeper stillness through restorative poses. With the body supported by props, but before the edge of stretch our nervous system can drop into a deep relaxation so we return to our lives a little more balanced, revived and refreshed. 


Places are £35. Open to all levels.

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