Workshops provide an opportunity to dive a little deeper into your practice. Open to all levels they enable us to take a little more time with ourselves and this beautiful practice. 

Please note that at present all of my workshops are being held live online via Zoom. 


therapeutic yoga for stress and fatigue 


Saturday 18 July | 15.00 - 17.00 | Live Online via Zoom through Yoga On The Lane

Stress affects us all at points in our lives. Whilst short bursts of stress can be necessary to stimulate and activate us, operating in this mode over long periods of time simply depletes us. When suffering with stress we can feel a huge tiredness in our bodies but spinning activity in our minds which make the rest that we crave hard to access.


This workshop will explore what happens in our bodies when we get stressed and yoga tools that we can reach for to restore a sense of calm and access deep rest. The session will incorporate the gentle but powerful 'pawanmuktasana' joint-releasing series which will ease tension from tip to toe allowing energy to flow freely but calmly through the body again. Once the body has found some ease and the mind has found some calm we will drop into restorative stillness to soak up deep rest.


Places are £20. Open to all. No experience of yoga necessary.

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