one-to-one sessions

As both a Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist I work with a range of clients on a one-to-one basis enabling them to receive a tailored practice that meets their specific needs. If you would like to discuss how one-to-one sessions might support you please do get in touch. 


yoga therapy


Yoga Therapy offers a holistic approach – acknowledging that the wellbeing of our minds, bodies and hearts are intrinsically interlinked and understanding that to move towards true health and happiness we need to nourish and nurture these different layers of our being.


Research increasingly supports the therapeutic benefits that yoga can have on a wide range of mind/body health conditions: either helping to relieve symptoms experienced, or enhancing a sense of wellbeing, whilst living with short term or chronic conditions. 


Yoga Therapy sessions draw on a range of therapeutic yoga practices: from breath-work, mindfulness, meditation, asana (yoga postures) and relaxation techniques. After a detailed initial consultation, clients are given a personal-practice, tailored to support their induvial wellbeing needs, to practice at home in between sessions. 


Valuable tools and support can often be gained from a one-off session, however clients often report greater benefits when working together over a series of sessions. 


private yoga classes

Private one-to-one yoga can be ideal for: 


  • beginners keen to explore the foundations before joining a group class

  • those who wish to explore elements of their practice in more detail

  • those unable to attend group classes and wishing to be taught from home. 

booking one-to-one sessions 

Private appointments are available at the following times: 

Mondays: between 14.30 - 17.30

Wednesdays: between 11.00 - 17.00

Fridays: between 11.00 - 17.00 

Pricing depends on location but is between £80-100 for the initial 1.5 hour session, then from £60-80 per hourly session thereafter. 


For more information on how it may help, or how to book a session contact me on

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