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Anna teaches mindfulness and self-compassion one-to-one and in small groups in London.

Please contact Anna for information on one-to-one sessions.

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cultivating self-compassion: a 4-week course 
practices to support greater wellbeing and resilience
Wednesdays 3 June - 24 June | 19.45 - 21.15 | Live Online via  The Life Centre

In this four week course, we will explore how cultivating self-compassion - a sense of friendliness and tenderness towards ourselves - can enhance our sense of wellbeing and resilience.


Whilst many of us find it natural to offer compassion towards others, we can struggle to offer the same sense of kindness and tenderness towards ourselves, especially when life brings challenges. Our 'inner critic' can dominate our mental state as we judge and criticise ourselves for our perceived failings. 

Increasing evidences supports that learning to cultivate a more encouraging, supportive an friendly relationship towards ourselves can

help us to: 

  • lower stress levels 

  • reduce anxiety and depression 

  • feel more resilient to life's inevitable challenges 

  • feel more connected rather than isolated when life is difficult. 

Through this course participants will: learn about the core components of self-compassion; explore a range of practices to build compassion into every living; have the opportunity to share our experiences of the practices and their impact on our lives.


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