why yoga?



Images of yoga presented by the media often show young, beautiful, peaceful-looking and super bendy bodies, creating the most advanced of limb-opening poses. Unfortunately this can often lead people to feeling that if their body is not bendy, and their mind is a bit busy, then they are 'not good at yoga'.


Fortunately this isn't the case, and the huge benefits of yoga are very much open to all. There are many different styles of yoga (from dynamic vinyasa yoga, to the gentle resting of restorative yoga), so it can be worth experimenting with what you like, and what meets your needs. 


Ultimately though the practice is about learning to become more present. As we gradually begin to focus the mind, open the body, and breathe into it, we also get the opportunity to practice compassion, patience and acceptance - skills which carry us through to better lives off the mat. 



benefits of yoga


Whether looking to keep fit, calm a busy mind, or promote a deeper sense of wellbeing when living with a health condition, yoga holds huge benefits. 


  • relieving muscular tension 

  • increasing muscle tone and strength

  • improving joint-mobility

  • increasing spine strength and flexibility

  • boosting circulation / lowering blood pressure

  • boosting the immune system 

  • promoting correct, deep breathing 

  • promoting deep relaxaion

  • aiding restful sleep 

  • improving concentration and alertness

  • increasing sense of energy and vitality 

  • improving awareness and balance between body and mind

  • connecting to a deeper sense of self  


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